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        Technologies Case studies
        Technologies Case studies

        By redesign, modifying the material structure, to achieve reducing the use of plastic, optimizing over packaging.

        Add in non-fossil based material in extrusion blow molding to reduce the weight.


        Change the structure of flexible package to remove PET, Al, PA, PVC, PVDC and other materials which is not suitable for recycle. New design will be single structure such as full PP, full PE or full polyolefin, which is convenient for recycling after packaging and consumption.

        Our new single structure for high barrier layer can replace the structure of alumina PET, metalized PET, PVDC coating film and Al without affecting the shelf life of the content.


        We use Post Consumer Recycled material (PCR) in rigid packaging to promote the recycling economy of plastics.

        Through material research, product design, equipment upgrading and process optimization, we have developed the rigid packaging with 100% RPET and RPE by using the single step ISBM process.


        Biodegradable materials, such as bio-based paper, PLA, PBS, cellulose and petroleum based PBAT, PVA, etc., need to be biodegraded under certain conditions.

        At present, we have used the biodegradable cellulose film in a flexible candy packaging.

        Environmental protection process

        We use the environmental protection technology such as water glue and solvent-less lamination technology which without VOCs emission in our flexible packaging production. At the same time, the solvent VOCs treatment technology is adopted at the end of the process to realize the ultra-low emission of VOCs and reduce the environmental pollution.

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